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M50 Angled Transmission
M50 Angled Transmission Sturdy die cast bearing mounting, seven grooved pulleys that can be position..
M51 Drilling Machine
M51 Drilling Machine Finely varnished cast iron frame, adjustable drilling plate, steel twist drill...
M52 Two Wheel Grinder
M52 Two wheel Grinder Two genuine stone grinding wheels, 30 mm diameter. Weight : 0,13 kg Specia..
M53 Circular Saw
M53 Circular Saw Toothed circular saw blade, bench finely varnished sheet steel. Weight : 0,14 kg..
M55 Small Counter Shaft
M55 Countershaft Sturdy die cast bearing mounting, Four grooved pulleys that can be positioned on an..
M56 Model Plate
M56 Model Plate Consists of drilling machine M 51, two-wheel grinder M 52, circular saw M 53 and a c..
M57 Large Counter Shaft
M57 Countershaft, Large Sturdy die cast bearing mounting, six grooved pulleys that can be positioned..
M58 Hammer and Anvil
M58 Hammer and anvil solidly cast, driven by a large belt pulley and eccentric cam. Weight : 0,25..
M59 Eccentric Press
M59 Eccentric Press Sturdy, finely painted cast iron frame, suitable for stamping thin paper. Wei..
M60 Hack-Saw
M60 Hack-Saw Toothed saw blade, adjustable chucks. Matches and small pieces of wood can be sawn. ..
M61 Forge Shop
M61 Forge Shop Three sequentially operating forge hammers. Weight : 0,17 kg Special gift box : 1..
M62 Drop Hammer
M62 Drop Hammer The drop hammer is lifted by a traction rope. Weight : 0,22 kg Special gift box ..
M63 Concrete Mixer
M63 Concrete Mixer Rotating, tiltable barrel. Can be used separately as a sand toy. Weight : 0,20..
M64 Plate Shears
M64 Plate Shears With clutch to disengage mechanism, made of finely varnished sheet steel. Weight..
M66 Dynamo
M66 Dynamo Through the steam engine heat and water (steam) are transformed into mechanical energy, a..
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